The Study of Competitive Advantages of Beauty Salon Industry-An Empirical Study of Beauty Salon Business in Taiwan

Author: Chin-Hua Chen

Advisor: ,Wen-Hai Chih - advisor,Feng-Hua Yang - chair,Kun Hung - co-chair

Educational level: Master

Discipline: Business Administration

University: Dong Hwa University

Abstract: As the society and economy changed over time, people・s quality of living has been imporving. The demands of beauty salon business, health industry and leisure products is therefore increasing. This trend not only promots rapid development of service industry, but also encourages people to purchase beauty salon products to release from pressure and follow the fashion. Besides, with the increase of customers・ consuming power and their consumption demands in beauty products, the scale of beauty salon business has been expanding. Beauty Salon Industry is full of potential with large economic scale globally. The management pattern of the Beauty Salon Industry in Taiwan has transformed from single store to franchise. Its services and products have become more pluralized. The environment of the Beauty Salon Industry in Taiwan has changed rapidly in recent years, and the status of keen competition from company to company can obviously be seen. It is worth examining the competitive advantages in Taiwan・s Beauty Salon Industry by analyzing the company "Panco International Beauty Group", since it has become the leading company in Taiwan・s Beauty Salon Industry. By analyzing "Panco" we can identify the company's competitive advantages and explore the factors that determined its success and also its future challenge. We start our research by highlighting the key characteristics of the Beauty Salon Industry. After analyzing the demand and supply requirements of the Beauty Salon Industry, we can identify its key success factors. Then after a brief introduction and then analyzing the strategy of :Panco International Beauty Group;, we can start to identify the company's competitive advantages by analyzing the company・s unique positioning and resources, and comparing those with the above-mentioned key success factors of the Beauty Salon Industry. The main discovery of this research and its main points include: (1)Beauty Salon Industry in Taiwan is facing a change in transition; (2)Should pay attention to upgrade service quality and personnel technology; (3)The establishment of appropriate channel and a wide range of positions; (4) The trend of Diversification.

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Keywords: , Beauty Salon Industry, Resource-Based View (RBV), Key Success Factors (KSF), Competitive Advantages (CA)


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